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Harmony & Attah

Winners of $200 off the Magic Mirror Booth


My name is Harmony and my incredible fiance's name is Attah. We met through a mutual friend is college. We got engaged on July 5, 2015 in the Dominican Republic and will be married this August. Below is our unforgettable story:

In July 2015, we took a trip to the Dominican Republic to celebrate our friend’s 30th birthday. Looking back, there were several hints that the trip was “extra special” but I had just finished working 9 days straight, so I was too tired to pick up on anything. Upon arrival at the hotel, we were upgraded to a VIP room and received complimentary champagne. I simply thought it was a free upgrade and later realized that Attah had called the hotel ahead and informed them of his plan to propose. Also, the group of nine had plans for every day except Sunday July 5th so I assumed it would just be our day to relax at the beach. It turned out that all of our friends knew Attah was planning something special so they left the day open. When Sunday arrived, all of our friends made plans to go to the spa. I got really excited and was about to make plans for the spa as well, when Attah told me we had dinner reservations instead – thank goodness I didn’t push for the spa! Attah then surprised me with a romantic candle-lit dinner overlooking the water. We began our five-course meal while watching the gorgeous sunset. Attah suddenly took a deep breath and told me he wrote something special for me and began to recite a poem. The love letter captured moments throughout our entire relationship – the good, the bad, and most of all our endless love. The final line of the poem stated that he had a question and then Attah got on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I smiled with tears in my eyes and said “of course’. Other couples on the beach smiled and gave Attah a thumbs up. We enjoyed the rest of our special meal and then went searching for our friends to celebrate the wonderful occasion.

I am obsessed with the sunset & travel, so although I have heard stories of some very extravagant proposals, Attah couldn't have been any more thoughtful in his. I am looking  forward to the blending of our cultures as he is Ghanaian and I am Puerto Rican. Thank you for this incredible opportunity. My name on instagram is: Ms_Harmz and on Facebook: Harmony Destiny Matos.


The soon to be Osei's

Jessica & Josh

Winners of 100 Premium Spandex Chair Covers

Hi my name is Joshua Figgs and my fiancés name is Jessica Eagan. We have known each other for 8+ years and have been together for 2+ years including been engaged for just about a year in April.

Well our engagement story began just about right after our one year mark together. From the day I met Jessica in high school during our schools military day I knew I wanted to be with her and in those short moments before we were introduced I also told myself I want to marry that girl. Aside from that me and Jess had always spoke about marriage and what we wanted out of our marriage. Just like any couple kids, home, trust, and dedication. Jess had always spoke about how she always wanted this fairy tale wedding full of family, friends, and laughter. But most of all the key to this was how she always wanted to be purposed to. Her dream was to be married by water and done the proper way asking her father and family. After many talks of everything I decided myself to go behind her back ( in a good way ) to make it a point to ask her family one by one permission to marry Jessica. With her family Jessica's sister was her biggest influence and support from a day one and since her teenage years as she had taken her in and allowed her to live in their home. Jessica had always spoken about how she wanted her to always be the first one to be asked so I did. I had reached out to her and had asked the special question. " Could I have permission to marry your sister " with her immediate exciting reply of " yes! " One down. As many people think why not ask the father first? Jessica's sister played a big part in her life before her father so I made it a point to fulfill her wish properly and ask her sister first. Next on was her father, not the easiest one to reach nor make plans with. So I reached out to his girlfriend hinting that I would like to stop by alone without Jessica to just talk about some things. Of course I had gotten the response " sure let's do it over dinner " as my heart sunk full of nervousness because I had never been to Jessica's father's house alone thinking I may get a big NO! from him. So the day came to go to her fathers for dinner one day after work. Full of nerves I drove around his home on the main highway about 4-5 times before I worked up enough courage to actually drive down his long driveway. For some odd reason that driveway felt extra long that day as I was so nervous and the walk up to the door felt even longer. So we all sat down for dinner, pizza. Me, Jessica's dad, and his girlfriend. The conversation started off with the normal talk, how have you been, how's life, how's work, and then the bombshell Bill I wanted to come her today to do this properly and ask your permission to marry Jessica. With his girlfriend responding first, " I'm tickled pink, yes! " waiting on Bills response......." yes. " He had also responded with I think you guys make a great team and couple and manage to work on things together. Full of joy I had made it to the next family member in which was Jessica's mother. Knowing her mother was a very emotional person I eased into this one slowly so it could sink in. When we sat down she responded with I think I know why your here smiling from ear to ear. So I came out and asked the question may I marry Jessica. With her eyes filling full of tears she responds with a yes and tears. After the task of asking permission first it was now onto finding the perfect ring. Now we aren't some big high dollar couple so I had to be stern on price at any jewelry store. With what kind of stone and color gold I knew she wanted I set off to find the perfect ring. I came across a rose gold morganite stone ring that she had recently pointed out to me before in the past and knew that was the one. With no thought at all I bought the ring knowing that was the one she'd love forever. So the biggest task of all how to hide the ring from her and keep this a secret. After the purchase of the ring I scheduled a small getaway retreat to a decent lodge, near water. I knew that was the place to make her dreams come true. So I told Jessica we'd be taking a nice trip just the two of us and the dog. Days before our trip she had woken up one morning telling me how she had a dream, a dream about me purposing to her near water on a sunny day............" shit she knows! " how did she find out??? Did her sister tell her did her mom tell her what the hell do I do!? Do I surrender all of my hard work !? Keep your cool Josh let's just hope she doesn't see your sweat dripping in this cold house right now! So I manage to stay calm and just laugh her dream off and come back with a babe I really can't afford it right now. So the day comes for us to take our trip with no mentions of marriage anymore. We stop at a local park full of water falls and sooo much water thinking to myself hmmm this maybe a perfect place. We take our walk throughout the park and come to a cliff overlooking a waterfall and rapids would be a picture perfect place for anyone to purpose right!? Well not me. Blew it! We take pictures together at the beautiful site and move on back to the car. We load back up the dog and our stuff and soon as we sit in our seats the first thing she says is, " that would of been a perfect place for you to purpose. "
Freaking out deep down inside. As I smile and just laugh it off thinking god dammit!? We get to our lodge and thankfully our back porch backs up to nothing but water and great scenery. This is it! As we hang out for about an hour Jessica gets hot and runs inside to change thinking to myself this is my chance. She had always mentioned to me how she wanted to capture this moment with a photographer......wellll I didn't plan that so I improvised and set my phone up on a set of stairs, she's getting a video recording now. I'm standing near the dock and water just looking out heart racing, scared like a little girl asking her to come down to the water and look with me. As she replies with a why you come up here! Grrrr just come down here asking sternly. So she does I grab her and hug her letting her know how much I love her and how much I truly love her. As I get down on one knee you can see she doesn't believe what's happening at this very moment. She covers her mouth and says " shut the fuck up " as I laugh I ask her to marry me. As I see all her emotions flaring she of course says yes and begins to cry. After all the hard work of hiding something from her it all ended up working out and making Jessica's dreams come true. It all happened near water, I caught it on film, and I asked her family first. We are due to get married Sept of 2018 and we truly cannot wait. We are happier then ever and plan on continuing to be happier then ever in our marriage.   Our names are

Josh Figgs & Jessica Eagan 

Jeni & Rick

Winner of $250 off 360 Slo-mo Video Booth

Rick and I dated 30 years ago and everything just clicked! We were introduced to each other by my best friend so I knew that this was a good man. We would go for rides on his Harley Davidson for hours and I loved it! But I was in high school and he was 3 years older when he moved 2 hours away for a job as a Police Officer. This at a time before cell phones!! We dated for another month but we were young and we were too far away from each other, but we stayed friends. 
Fast forward 30 years and we now have Facebook! And since we have a lot of similar friends I see him and reach out...a week later we are talking on the phone...a week after that we go on our first date...a month later we are seeing each other every day and two months later I move down to Ocean City, MD to live with him and a month later he asked me to marry him! It may have taken 30 years but we made our way back to each other...where we were ment to be!! 

Brianna & Chris

Winners of Ceremony Coordinator

We all know about people whom wish to find someone to love and to live there lives with. Who would have thought... Youtube would have been our answer!
Well, it just so happens that I found my soulmate.. The love of my life... Through a Youtube video. A few comments and messages lead to adding eachother on Skype and feelings grew, QUICKLY I might add!
We were both only 17 at the time, still in high school, with one problem!!! I lived in Delaware, USA. She lived in Bangkok, Thailand. Thousands of miles and opposite time zones separated us and only being able to talke via skype. But the Skype calls never ended. Hours upon hours we would be found in our rooms, and on our laptops. And our true love only grew stronger day by day until finally it was realized there was no way out.
She decided to move to Alexianderia, Virginia with her grandparents to start 'college'. With having a much shorter distance, the pieces began to fall into place. A day to meet eachother was decided! Low and behold, that day came we meet at the Brandywine Zoo. Our first hug and our first kiss. There was no chance of giving up now. The distance, the time zones, our own families feeling it was to much for our 17 year old hearts to bare. But the love was strong. Giving up, finding another, these weren't options anymore.
Years have past, 5 years later to be persist, on a tropical island back in the country she called home, when we started talking, I got on one knee and asked for her hand and she said an emotional YES!!! Now its been almost a year to the date since the girl I fell in love with all those years ago agreed to be my wife, and we are only a few more months away from the big day.

Thank you for letting me share our story.

Chris Harris